arvid's CUBE page

My cubes

I have a few cube, and I like most of them.



Als je op het zwarte-witte logo klikt dan keer je terug naar de homepage, of naar de homepage van de stamboom indien je in het stamboom gedeelte zit...


Picture 1, picture 2,



Picture 3, picture 4,


Picture 5, picture 6


picture 7,8, and 9

Mastermorphix, 3x3x3 same colors, and Fisher cube


Copper coloured 3x3x3 with metals coloured stickers, very bad, cheap cube


Black, Orange, White Divra Cube and transparant cuber with 2 sides black and 2 sides white


Snake cube and Sudoku Cube (both hard to do)



My old Rubiks



Denver Broncos Cube


Mirror Cube







Shift shaded stickers, very funny


A rubiks


Yel-Yel-Red-Red-Bl-BLUE cube, very cool because some edges are triple!


Shepherd Cube




Fisher Cube


Mastermorphix one colour

two colours


Square-1 Still learning this one ;)


Bandage Cube, also still learning!!!


Megaminx (bad turning) and pyramorphix

V-Cubes, 7, 6, and 5


Anaheim Angels, Denver Broncos, San Diego Padres and Warriors Cube


With Smiley and Dogs


2x2x2 Rubiks T-mobile Cube, 1x3x3 Black, little 3x3x3

And design of my work, keystring 2x2x2


2x2x2 cubes or similar pyramorphix


Speed Cube, Glow-in-the-Dark

And dotted with face




4x4x4 Rubiks, and Cube4You and SUPERSTICKERS